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1) 超级星光大道(第六届)17強-歌手震撼教育之踢館賽
2) 1月25日 完全娱乐的节目
3) 赴台首场走唱
4) 台中德安百貨的签唱会
5) 公視【音樂萬萬歲 之 大年初一特別節目】(偉聯 vs楊培安&艾成)
6) 東森綜合台【消費沽沽樂】(偉聯 vs楊培安)
7) JET綜合台【命運好好玩】(偉聯 vs楊培安)
8) 人間衛視【人間心燈】(偉聯)
9) 中天娛樂台【娱乐山寨姬】(偉聯 vs符瓊音)
10) 3月7日 完全娱乐的节目
11) TVBS歡樂台【得獎的事】(偉聯)
12) 东风卫视【王牌大明星】(偉聯 vs楊培安)
13) 民视交通台 娱乐星玩意 (偉聯)
14) 4月06日 完全娱乐的节目 (偉聯 vs符瓊音)
15) 金曲超級星(第一届)8強-素人+藝人進場踢館
16) 衛星電視台【心靈不打烊】(偉聯 vs楊培安&同恩)

陳偉聯 台湾巡迴走唱會 (录影)
1) 2010/04/01 女巫店
2) 2010/04/04 小河岸
3) 2010/04/09 敦南誠品
4) 2010/04/10 永和樂活健康輕食館
5) 2010/04/16 信義誠品





Thanks for your support, Moving Notes (14 songs Karaoke DVD) is out on sales now! If you like to sing along with his songs, do purchase the album.

感谢大家的支持,《走唱陈伟联》卡拉OK精選 DVD出售了! 喜欢跟他的歌哼唱, 就支持吧!

Download the latest Kelvin Tan hit “我们”, Color Me Tone as featured on Mediacorp’s Ch 8 year-end blockbuster TV drama “当我们同在一起Together”. SMS “X114” to 741490 to sign up. Charges will be $1.61 per month per song. Above is only for Singtel customers.

Thanks for your support, Moving Notes (Revised Edition) is out on sales now! If you like his new song (Wo Men) and 4 MVs, do purchase the album.

感谢大家的支持,《走唱陈伟联》庆功改版专辑出售了! 喜欢他的新歌《我们》和四首歌曲的MV, 就支持这版本的专辑吧!

Star Awards 2010: Congrats to Wei Lian, the singer of Best Drama Theme Song (2010) [Us]!

红星大奖 2010: 陈伟联凭着《当我们同在一起》的歌曲《我们》赢得最佳主题曲.

Singapore E-Awards 2010: Congrats to Wei Lian for winning Radio1003 Top Song of The Year (2009) [BreakUp Letter]!

第2届新加坡e乐大赏: 恭喜伟联, 获得1003优势流行榜年度 歌曲 (积分)《分手的情书》!

Singapore Hit Awards 09: Congrats to Wei Lian, for winning the Courts MV award (永远的朋友 MV) and Inspirational Award (Local Media)!

第15届新加坡金曲奖: 恭喜伟联, 获得 《COURTS MV 大奖》(永远的朋友 MV) 和《本地传媒推荐启发精神奖》!

Catch Wei Lian? Breakup Letter, Forever Friends and Big Sea MVs on www.youtube.com/chenweilianonline!

《分手的情书》,《永远的朋友》和《大海》三只MVs是由周格泰导演为伟联第三张专辑《走唱陈伟联》执导。记得上网 www.youtube.com/chenweilianonline 抢先看!

To view blog entries by Wei Lian in Chinese, please log on to http://blog.omy.sg/weiliankelvin where they have been translated for your convenience.

您可以通过此网站 http://blog.omy.sg/weiliankelvin 来阅读为您翻译好的伟联部落格文章。

Listen to blind game podcasts specially done by Wei Lian by accessing his June 2009 blog entries!

很好奇伟联会玩什么盲人网上游戏吗? 为此,伟联还特别为您录制了一些 podcasts 满足您的好奇心哦!您可以通过他在六月份所写的部落格文章里找到它们哦!

Attention! We are actively seeking fans and individuals who have a deep interest in video filming and editing! Most importantly, you must possess the relevant skills and high efficiency level we are looking for! If you think you fit the bill, drop us an email today at wlfc-bat@weiliankelvin.com with a sample work and the person in charge will get back to you! You can do your part for Wei Lian today by being an active player for his future fan club activities!


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